‘Her Positivity is Infectious:’ Q2 CEO Award Winner Claudia Mansell Personifies the Ultra Can-do Spirit

CEO Award

Congratulations Claudia Mansell for attaining the CEO Award for Q2 2021-22!

As Director of Vesta Operations (New Zealand) at Ultra Commerce, Claudia is the face of the customer experience, interviewing brand new customers of the Vesta product to learn about their early experiences using our solution.

Claudia’s subject matter expertise, warm demeanor and knowledgeable questions of the customer’s most specific pain points prior to onboarding Vesta are what make her interactions with new customers so positive; not to mention beneficial for their particular project and other customer projects now and in the future.

“Our customers really like her and trust and appreciate her,” said Maria West, Head of Marketing of Vesta Operations (NZ) at Ultra Commerce. “Claudia cares about her work and our customers and that always comes through in her relationships with them.”

Claudia’s personable traits carry over into the office setting, where she is known for providing colleagues with her delicious chocolate and caramel cake with Maltesers on special occasions. And her usual modesty may take the back seat if the subject of go-kart racing comes up and the time she defeated nearly everyone in the office at the track.

But it all pales in comparison to the work Claudia does at Vesta and, by extension, Ultra – not just with customers but with her closest peers as well. Says another intimate coworker of Claudia’s:

“She’s just amazing to work with – her open door policy means I never hesitate when I have an issue, question, or concern, and she’s always so helpful if I ever need a hand with my workload, or a new project, or any new system we start using.”

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