Analytics with Action

Go beyond charts and graphs - customize your reporting dashboard with robust analytics, business intelligence and actions that can drive your business.

Get smart analytics and build customized reporting. Simple setup and seamless platform integration. Build better marketing campaigns.

Data-driven Decisions & Experiences

Real-Time Data for the Best Experiences

Drive decisions and insights based on live data intelligence. Stop guessing about what’s happening with your digital commerce.

Superior intelligence and visibility

Access data across the entire commerce platform without limitations. Build custom reports that prioritize information for each member of your organization.

Reporting Without Writing Code

Create data views, custom reporting and answer your questions with analytics – all with no code and no query writing. Design real-time reporting across the entire enterprise that is customized per user.

Use Insights for Action

Take action through automation – connect automated business workflows to your datasets and commerce actions. Send email, update merchandising/sourcing, sync data and much more. No code required.

Telligence Features

Real-Time Reporting

All data views display data in real-time with no delays or caching. Users have a live view of what’s going on. Connect datasets together; connect orders to accounts or products to sales history for a cohesive view of the business. Customize data reports and listings from a single user interface across the entire platform.

Customize Data Display

Customize the display, fields and sort order of all datasets – create reports that bring together multiple objects (products, SKUs) and apply filters across the entire data set to narrow down reporting to the most granular view. Create a library of shared reports and a list of personalized views for each user with no limits to the number of reports that can be created.

Access to Everything

The entire dataset and system are accessible for reporting and workflow – select a starting point or build a new data reporting collection. Custom fields are included; any customizations that have been made to the dataset are available to be displayed or used as filters.

Charts & Graphs

Design the look and feel of each chart – customize the data view and utilize data comparisons for a visual representation of key data. Create and save a library of charts across the platform with charts and graph views reported in real-time.

Workflow & Automation

Take action automatically based on the events happening on your storefronts, from placed orders to new accounts created to products published. Deliver customized messaging; abandoned cart email messaging, order confirmations and more. Apply conditions and filters to define the exact actions you want. For example, send unique order confirmations if the customer has purchased a subscription. Run processing; use events to trigger data updates or perform other actions.

Web Hooks

Connect and sync data into external systems or update data based on actions. Define a custom schedule and data structure map – workflow manages the rest.


Customize the data collections that are exported out of Ultra Commerce. Define the columns and data points you need from across the entire dataset for exactly the right real-time data that you need.