Privacy Statement


UltraServe updated its Privacy Policy, and its Privacy Statements in May 2018. This Privacy Statement is intended to set out how we handle your Personal Data. It is also intended to inform you of the choices and rights you have related to the way we collect and use information about you.

With the promulgation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect on May 25, 2018, we have taken the opportunity to include improvements that address the new standards introduced by this European data protection law.

GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, and for export of personal data outside the EU.

The improvements mainly include added transparency to our customers on our processes related to lawful and fair collection, processing, use, retention and deletion of Personal Data.
The following sections provide more details.


Lawfulness and Fairness and Consent:

UltraServe only collects and stores relevant Customer Contact information. Customer contact information that can be construed as Personal Data is purely stored for UltraServe’s communication directly with the customer for Sales, Project Delivery and Support purposes. Consent is sought and recorded where we are required to do so.


Transparency to Data Subjects

Customer information collected by UltraServe is either provided by you or is gathered from third parties.


Information Provided by You

Customer Contact: We may collect your names, contact address and other related contact information to allow us to provide agreed levels of service.

Billing Information: We may collect additional information where required for efficient billing and payment of our services rendered.

Geolocation Information: We may collect geolocation information to provide a more localised and customised service delivery and support.

Other information: We collect other information such as your interests related to our services, your preferred mode of communication, your responses in support requests and surveys, and all other information provided by you to facilitate agreed levels of support and to manage your customer experience.


Information Collected from Third parties

We may also collect information from third parties that is available on a commercial basis. These may include business contact information, or information related to sales and promotional activities that is shared with your consent and/or in accordance with the relevant legislations and regulations governing share and use of such data. These may also include publicly available information shared under similar commercial and legal constraints.


Purpose Limitation and Data Minimisation:

Your personal data is collected and used only for purposes stated when first obtained. There is no further processing or sharing of your data in any manner incompatible with those purposes stated.

Only data that is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes is collected and processed. Personal data that is no longer needed for specified purposes is either deleted or anonymised in accordance to our data retention guidelines.



We take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate, kept up to date and relevant to the purpose for which we collected it. We endeavour to correct or delete any inaccurate information about you without delay.


Storage Limitation

Personal Data is not kept for any longer than is necessary for the purposes intended.


Protecting Personal Data

Personal Data is secured through use of appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful Processing, and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.


Your Rights and Requests

You have rights when it comes to how we handle your Personal Data. These include rights to i) withdraw consent of our use or sharing of your personal data, ii) request to specific information on our privacy practices in relation to your personal information, iii) request access to your personal information, iv) prevent our use of your personal data for marketing purposes, v) request erasure of personal data if it is no longer necessary for purposes for which it was first collected, vi) prevent any further processing that may cause damage or distress to you.


Privacy by Design

We are committed to implementing Privacy by Design in the management of your Personal Data by implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures in an effective manner, to ensure ongoing compliance with data privacy principles.

Automated Processing (including Profiling)
and Automated Decision Making
We do not engage in any profiling or automated decision making using customer personal data.


Direct Marketing

UltraServe neither stores customer Personal data nor shares customer data for any marketing purposes for and/or with third parties. Customer contact information that can be construed as Personal Data is purely stored for UltraServe use in providing a better customer experience.


Sharing Personal Data

Generally, UltraServe does not share Personal Data with Third Parties unless certain safeguards and contractual arrangements have been put in place



Contact information for all communique related to this Privacy Statement is provided at our Contacts page.


Changes to this Privacy Statement

From time to time, we may revise this Privacy statement to maintain conformance with relevant standards and the Company policies; and to comply with changing legal and regulatory requirements. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time without notice to you so please check back regularly to obtain the latest copy of this Privacy Statement.