Ultra Commerce acquires Omnyfy, to expand B2B digital transformation offering

Sydney Australia: Ultra Commerce, a global enterprise B2B eCommerce platform business, with offices across North America., Australia, U.K, and India, has announced the acquisition of Australian based, Omnyfy, a multi-vendor marketplace platform.

This move by Ultra Commerce follows on the heels of an acquisition completed in mid-2023 of Pru Cart group, a North American based eCommerce platform (Pinnacle Cart), and Digital Marketing services business. These transactions are part of Ultra Commerce’s strategy of building a market leading portfolio of eCommerce software solutions, focused on the high growth B2B eCommerce market segment, helping to empower customers to grow through digital channels.

Ultra Commerce is helping empower businesses to fast-track their digital transformation with a sharp focus on addressing the complex eCommerce requirements that B2B businesses have, including handling complex product catalogs, diverse order fulfillment and inventory management, along with innovative eCommerce business models like marketplaces.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO of Ultra Commerce, Matthew Hyland, stated, “B2B eCommerce today is a rapidly evolving and high growth market with business needs becoming more complex, and new business models being created to capture revenue opportunities. Our clients are looking for comprehensive solutions that not only meet their immediate requirements, but also that can provide a roadmap for new growth channels. Marketplaces and multi-vendor commerce offers organisations new revenue and growth channels through a myriad of implementation strategies – and Omnyfy, with its breadth of clients across different industries is a proven technology that enables marketplace commerce and drives this growth.”

The B2B eCommerce segment is undergoing a remarkable surge, while simultaneously, there is a notable upswing in multi-vendor marketplace commerce and drop shipping, with Gartner predicting that over 75% of B2B procurement spending will occur through online marketplaces by 2023 and by 2026, 80% of B2B sales interactions between buyer and seller will occur in digital channels, an increase from 30% today. These compelling market trends underscored the strategic move by Ultra Commerce to acquire Omnyfy, as organizations increasingly invest in both B2B commerce transformation and marketplace enablement.

Established in 2017, Omnyfy has grown to become one of the leading marketplace software providers globally and is recognised by Gartner as a representative vendor of multi-vendor commerce solutions for enterprise clients. Omnyfy provides organisations with a scalable marketplace platform solution that enables them to create multi-vendor commerce solutions that extend their existing business models or launch green-field projects to capitalise on previously untapped revenue channels. This ability, to drive multi-vendor commerce, is a key growth factor in eCommerce today. Analyst firms including Gartner and Forrester concur that B2C, B2B and B2B2X marketplaces are a key driver of commerce growth and over a third of high GMV businesses will be adopting some form of multi-vendor commerce to drive sales, boost loyalty, extend range and capture increasing share of their client wallet.

Omnyfy’s marketplace technology is used by organisations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The company’s technology is used by clients globally in industry verticals ranging from Retail, to Healthcare, Wholesale B2B, Services, Software, Fashion, Homewares, Heavy Industries and Shopping Centres. Omnyfy is one of the only marketplace technologies globally to offer built in support for complex B2B commerce such as Project Quotation, Milestone based billing, Integrated invoicing management, Approvals workflows and more, delivering a feature-packed offering for organisations looking to implement complex B2B, B2B2X, Consumer or Service marketplaces.

The synergies created by the two organisations are significant.

Synergy of Expertise:
Ultra Commerce brings extensive experience as a global enterprise B2B Software platform. By integrating Omnyfy’s cutting-edge multi-vendor marketplace capabilities, Ultra Commerce is poised to redefine the standards of B2B digital transformation.

Market Demand:
With the B2B commerce landscape evolving rapidly, there is an increasing demand for solutions that go beyond conventional eCommerce. The acquisition positions Ultra Commerce as a strategic partner for businesses looking to not only adapt but thrive in the digital marketplace.
Vision for the Future: Ultra Commerce’s forward-looking approach recognizes the transformative potential of B2B commerce and the growth drivers that multi-vendor commerce offers. The acquisition of Omnyfy reinforces this commitment, reflecting the company’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that anticipate market expectations.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration brings, as we continue to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the dynamic world of eCommerce.”, said Mr. Hyland.
Fabian Rebeiro, CEO of Omnyfy joins Ultra Commerce as Chief Commercial Officer, looking after the organisation’s product suite and driving commercial activities. “Enterprise Marketplaces are one of the fastest growing digital commerce trends globally, for high GMV organisations and Omnyfy’s marketplace product offers one of the most feature-rich marketplace enablement solutions on the market today – especially for B2B marketplace enablement. This acquisition of Omnyfy demonstrates the market opportunity that multi-vendor commerce brings to B2B transformation projects, and we’re very excited to join a forward-looking technology company like Ultra Commerce, to turbo charge the development of Omnyfy and our new product lines which will truly change how companies approach marketplace technology and how it’s leveraged as a fully integrated part of a commerce stack”, stated Mr. Rebeiro.

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About Ultra Commerce
Ultra Commerce is a fully integrated Headless eCommerce platform business focused on enterprise B2B commerce enablement. HQ in Sydney Australia with operations in 5 countries, and a customer base of over 350 organisations.

About Omnyfy
Omnyfy is a PaaS, multi-vendor marketplace platform for B2C, B2B, Service and Procurement marketplaces. Based in Australia, Omnyfy empowers marketplace platforms globally across 13 countries and 15 industry verticals.

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