Go beyond direct selling

Fully Integrated Marketplace. Fully Integrated Revenue.

Don’t let exceptional experiences & sales stop at the end customer – create an Enterprise Marketplace for all your key customers and partners. Boost your business with an additional sales channel next to your existing eCommerce channels.

One experience. One platform. Multiple revenues.

Sell Direct to Buyers with Sellers

Bring your network together. Connect buyers and sellers through a marketplace, allowing customers to purchase from multiple vendors in a single shopping cart. The result is new revenue streams for your business and reduced inefficiencies between your customers and suppliers.

Fully Integrated Marketplace Experience

Customize, define and build the marketplace experience to meet customer needs – all integrated completely to the rest of your platform – from products to orders and accounts shared. Define the site and marketplace structure that works best for your business, using product data management tools to validate, clean and organize various vendor product data.

API-first for all the eCommerce capabilities you’ve come to expect from product reviews to loyalty pricing, gift cards and more. Extend management features and experience to give suppliers access to update products, control pricing and manage all aspects of their product data.

New Sales Opportunities

Extending what you already have

Attract new buyers, bring suppliers into the marketplace while extending the relationships you already have. Provide suppliers more direct control over their products and data. Choose which data points, reporting and control they have access to.

Platform Capabilities for Marketplace

Define your Marketplace Experience

Enable buyers to search, select and purchase products from multiple sellers via a single purchasing experience. Define the marketplace that works best for your buyers and sellers. Give control over the product catalog and structure to your sellers or keep everything in-house. Flexibility for setup and configuration is built in.

Storefront & Customer Experience

Create, design and deliver the marketplace management tools and interfaces without limitation. Through headless commerce flexibility, there are no template restrictions or requirements around the design and layout.

Marketplace Management

Extend backend and administration functionality with a custom user experience for suppliers to allow for access to order information, product management and upload features. Owner options to be notified of data updates and approval before going live ensure that all product data is validated before posting.

Vendor & Integration Services

Create workflows that dynamically alert vendors and suppliers to new orders for fulfillment or sync data into remote systems. Utilize automation to sync inventory and pricing information from back-office and third party systems.

Vendor Management

Assign single or multiple vendors to each product in the catalog. Limitless extension of product catalog data and attributes. Connect vendors to specific brands or supplier landing pages that serve as a starting point in the marketplace – and build organic traffic.

Management for Sellers

Owners control how much management capability to allow sellers to use. Use administration services to define pricing, promotions and product. Through a single portal, define different user-login experiences for your sellers.