Order Management

Seamless. Accurate. Optimized. Ultra Order Management

Omnichannel, management and fulfillment suites.

Define custom and streamlined order workflows from any channel for all channels that are integrated seamlessly with your back-office and other business systems.

Commerce is more than checkout.

Omni-Channel Order Management

Connect all your storefronts and sales channels together with one platform to manage orders. Define the order orchestration and routing automation that works for your business including how to handle the most complex order management challenges with partial shipping, order splitting and recurring orders. 

Support for product presales, backorders and return order and restock handling ensures that the storefront delivers an elevated customer experience for the complete order lifecycle.  

Inventory & Availability

Get real time visibility into inventory across all locations at your fingertips. Know exactly what you have on-hand and which inventory is expected. Capable of supporting third-party inventory sources, drop-ship management and businesses that do it all. Complete inventory management capabilities to support transfers, stock adjustments and more.

Fulfillment Optimization

Design and customize fulfillment and delivery operations to optimize and build efficiency for your business. Utilize workflow and rules to define automation and processes for order fulfillment and order orchestration that dynamically manage fulfillment complexity – support multi-source, carrier, ship-to address and more. 

Create order workflow, managed through our Telligence automation suite, to optimize processing based on order type, product types, account and more. Empower your team to create efficiencies and optimize without writing code and installing additional apps.

Ship faster with built-in pick and pack interface, connect to stores to fulfill from retail storefronts or deliver more choice to consumers with ship to store.

Customer Service & Channel Integration

Equip your team with the capabilities to provide the best customer service experience. Search, manage, create and update customer orders from a single, streamlined interface. Handle customer requests for refunds, credits and post-order communication efficiently and easily – no matter the order and sales channel. Collect and manage orders from all channels to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Order Management & Fulfillment Features

Quoting & Order Creation

Single view and assisted ordering to align all parties (customer services, sales reps and customers) with a multichannel quote and order/reorder experience for your customers.

Omni-Channel Support

Orders managed and synced on a global scale between all your organization’s channels and back office systems.


Manage, sync and track inventory with multi location support while leveraging workflow for automated business decisions based on available stock. Track inventory by type and status with transaction history available for any point in time.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Mobile-friendly shipping and fulfillment user interface with batch based shipping view, user assignment, prioritization and integration with shipping providers. Assign multiple pending fulfillments by user for pick and pick, and define box sizes for packing configuration.

Fulfillment Configuration

The customer experience doesn’t end when the order leaves your warehouse – delivery tracking and customer visibility with support for drop shipping and vendor ordering to provide full and accurate transparency into all aspects of your customers’ orders.

Shipping Settings

Select, configure and assign shipping and fulfillment methods by storefront and sales channel, and assign unique fulfillment configuration by product and type. Configure settings to handle unique product characteristics or channel requirements.


A single order can be split into different fulfillment methods: Shipping, in-store pickup and email. Trigger unique order notifications, status updates and delivery alerts by order and order item.

Account Management

A single view of the customer, including contact information, payment methods and shipping preferences with all orders, carts and subscriptions managed from a single interface. Perfect for B2B with parent and child relationships, and integration with CRM/back-office systems with extensible accounts and complete tracking of credit history, payment options and credit limits.

Integration Support Built In

Single click integration activations are available, including shipping, payment and tax services. Update, adjust and reconfigure with no development required.