Promotions & Marketing

Drive Sales with Smarter Marketing & Promotions

Deliver the right promotion to the right customer at the right time on the right channel - then measure and repeat - on a single platform.

Provide your customers with sophisticated promotions and marketing offers with intelligent integration between marketing, products and data.

Supercharge Your Marketing with Data & Precision

Use your eCommerce data to drive better marketing.

Drive Sales with Connected Marketing

Promotions, loyalty, customer value and pricing integrated together for more comprehensive and personalized offers. Create unique offers based on customer group, buyer behavior and much more.

Build Data-Driven Promotions to Increase Conversions

Promotion engine that configures offers based on real, live data from your storefront. Make promotions dynamic – as your inventory, product selection or the customer changes, promotions change.

Launch the Right Offers for the Right Channels

Support for multisite and omnichannel. Create the right promotions, pricing and offers for each channel. Stop giving away discounts when they aren’t needed, and start rewarding your most loyal customers with the deals they deserve.

Promotion Support for Unique Customer Experiences

Sell directly and enable your sales team to create product segments, targeted pricing, promotions and special offers for each of their accounts.

Promotions & Marketing Features

Promotion Engine

Target specific customers and groups using data for pinpoint accuracy to deliver unlimited promotion combinations. Define which qualifiers and rewards while including promotion rewards built on static or dynamic data. Connect your rewards and promotions to customer segments, price groups and accounts.

Loyalty Value Program

Reward your most loyal customers for their continued business with special offers from the promotion engine, while empowering them to continue to make purchases and complete tasks on your storefronts.

Customer / Price Groups

Now expected of B2B commerce and a requirement that must be delivered on and other platforms fall short of – segment customers manually or automatically based on data via workflow and data reporting.


Create unique, dynamic pricing based on quantity, currency and other business rules while configuring for customer groups and segments. Ability for each product and SKU to have its own quantity-based pricing configuration. Integrate with back-office for a single pricing model across multiple customer touchpoints while defining unique pricing for each channel.

Messaging & Experience

Autonomy for your marketing and business teams to drive order completion from the storefront – develop unique promotional messaging for each offer that encourages your customers to buy more to unlock their next offer.

Promotion Control & Management

The tools and configurations needed to automatically manage promotion usage and activity – set limits on usage by promotion or by individual account, and assign promotion priority to deliver specific discounts or offers in their correct order.

Promotions & Buying

Use promotion codes or create open promotions that auto-apply pricing, products and special offers directly to purchases. Improve conversions with free promotional items and rewards to delight your customers.

Integration Friendly

Design, integrate and connect promotions, offers and discounts for all channels and sites with external business systems for a single promotion and pricing system across the business.