Four digital commerce leaders partner to drive post-pandemic recovery, growth for Asia Pacific businesses with new digitally transformative hospitality solution

Four digital commerce leaders partner to drive post-pandemic recovery, growth for Asia Pacific businesses with new digitally transformative hospitality solution

Four leading digital commerce technology solution providers have formed a strategic alliance to support businesses’ efforts to scale and grow in the Asia Pacific region post-pandemic.

SmartOSC, Ultra Commerce, Antsomi and Magnolia are partnering to combine their deep digital expertise and experience to provide top-of-the-line digital commerce solutions to support and accelerate regional businesses’ digital transformation efforts.

The alliance will give Southeast Asian companies the chance to work with some of the top minds in digital transformation and commerce as they attempt to grow their businesses in a rapidly changing hospitality industry.

The alliance brings together four partners with rich experience in providing tailored digital solutions, which is exactly what companies need to scale up and grow in a post-pandemic world, according to SmartOSC Founder and CEO Thai Son Nguyen.

“The opportunity to collaborate with partners of the caliber of Ultra Commerce, Antsomi and Magnolia doesn’t come along every day. We’re excited to combine our unique skillsets to help businesses in Asia Pacific transform as they transition to the ‘new normal’ environment we all find ourselves in,” he said.

Ultra Commerce provides a powerful, fully integrated platform for B2B, B2C and marketplaces, with the option of customizable or out-of-the-box frameworks to meet a wide variety of eCommerce needs.

“As we come out of the global crisis, there is a real opportunity for businesses in the hospitality industry to capitalize on pent up demand from individuals and companies looking to travel to destinations near and far.” says Matt Boland, Global Director of Partner Development for Ultra Commerce. “We know that new digital commerce investments will play a big role in enabling hospitality companies to capture new business and create new and loyal customers. Delivering the right content with personalized offers and promotions is part of that experience those customers will expect.”

Singapore-headquartered Antsomi, meanwhile, brings artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to the table. The company’s Antsomi CDP 365 is Southeast Asia’s first AI-enabled customer data platform that helps brands unify their customer data, leverage deep customer insights from it and activate the data across multiple channels to provide omnichannel customer experience to consumers.

Magnolia’s highly flexible and composable content management system allows organizations to create engaging websites and future-proof digital experiences around their existing IT infrastructure, exactly the way they want. Their award-winning headless CMS powers the digital experiences of some of the largest brands in the world, spanning numerous and diverse industries.

About SmartOSC

With 15 years in operation, SmartOSC is an award-winning digital commerce agency of 850+ experts, across seven countries including Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, US and the UK. With deep experience across most enterprise platforms and technology stacks, our customers choose us because we can solve complex implementations at scale, backed by 1,000+ successful projects launched. For more information about SmartOSC, please get in touch.

About Ultra Commerce

Ultra Commerce is an enterprise eCommerce platform for B2B, B2C and Marketplaces. Its fully integrated platform features built-in OMS, CMS and PIM, providing a seamless end-to-end customer experience and helping them grow their online business. With offices worldwide, Ultra Commerce boasts a truly global network of teams and partners to best service their international clientele – offering more than just a platform but a technology partner for them as they grow.

About Antsomi

Antsomi is a regional marketing technology company building the first artificial intelligence-enabled customer data platform, CDP 365, in Southeast Asia, with the mission to transform businesses into data-driven companies. Antsomi CDP 365 helps companies unify their customer data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps, web, social media, digital ads, CRM, POS, offline channels, etc. It then delivers relevant activations with rich personalization across multiple touchpoints via both online and offline. Antsomi CDP 365 empowers companies to understand their customers’ behavior and intent across various channels and build a 1-to-1 customer journey at scale. Antsomi is headquartered in Singapore, with branch offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. For more information, head to

About Magnolia

Incepted in 1997, Magnolia is a world-class CMS software company originating from Basel, Switzerland. Their vision of a composable DXP, capable of integrating both new and legacy MarTech systems seamlessly, originated from their mission to create the world’s most flexible CMS platform, a title they hold true to today. With flexible deployment models both hosted (cloud-agnostic) and as a service, along with powerful enterprise features (headless personalization, JAMstack, SPA editor etc.), Magnolia prides themselves on their unrivalled customer success, global approach (with offices in Singapore, Thailand, China and Vietnam for APAC) and going above and beyond. See for yourself at

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