Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Common Man: Sajan Singh Wins CEO Award for Q3 2021

Congratulations Sajan Singh for attaining the CEO Award for Q3!

Sajan Singh hadn’t played FIFA soccer on the Sony PlayStation in years. Upon playing the game with his colleagues in the after work hours he became apparent of the skill gap and responded by purchasing the latest iteration of the console, the PS4, as well as a copy of FIFA ’19. Sajan played at home in his spare time until his skill level returned to that of his old gaming days.

“No matter how often he got beat, he was always up for another game, and that ‘never say die’ attitude carried over into his work,” said Saq Moghul, Head of Operations – Europe, Ultra Commerce.

Sajan works under Saq on the Operations side of Ultra Commerce, out of the London office. His perseverance in not stopping until the problem is solved as well as his ‘always available to help others even ahead of his own workload’ mentality are part and parcel why he was chosen as the winner of the Ultra Commerce CEO Award, Q4 2021.

Being a global company and working in an Operations role, Sajan often has the opportunity to support team members in opposite time zones. When that call comes, Sajan never wavers.

“There were many times where he’d work late and stick with a problem to close it out – even if it meant he was helping other global team members,” Saq said. “Despite being asked by his seniors and management to switch off from work, Sajan is consistently committed to problem solving.”

It’s that level of commitment that Sajan shares with many of his Ultra Commerce colleagues and is a big reason why our company success, and the success of our customers, is becoming undeniable in the global market.

He works until the job gets done’ and has fun doing it

Sajan’s work ethic and positive attitude is an uplifting experience for anyone he works closely with, team members and customers alike. Saq and the rest of Sajan’s team describe him as humble, inquisitive and a genuinely good guy who is highly valued by his peers.

Not to mention funny.

“Sajan once made an EPAM-related joke – a tree went to Russia and came back as Dimitri (Di-me-tree),” Saq recalls. “He had us all in stitches.”

It isn’t all fun and games for Saq, Sajan and the London Operations team. They are constantly working hard to solve customer challenges, finding every opportunity to add to and enhance our already potent fully integrated enterprise SaaS eCommerce solution for the best possible customer outcomes.

Being a committed worker with a positive attitude is what makes Sajan special. As a valued member of the Ultra Commerce Operations team, Sajan definitely earned this past quarter’s CEO award.

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