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Post What’s Missing in B2B eCommerce – Quoting & Quote Management

A new blog series about the critical eCommerce capabilities missing in most eCommerce platforms for B2B companies. #1: Quoting & Sales Support

CEO Award - Ellen Sheppard
Post Q4 CEO Award Winner Ellen Sheppard Exemplifies Commitment to Customers

Congratulations Ellen Sheppard for attaining the CEO Award for Q4 2021-22!

Post B2B Marketplace: Order Management & Fulfillment & Where It Fits in the Equation

Part III of our B2B Marketplace series examines the revenue potential for embracing marketplace as part of a holistic eCommerce platform.

Post Your eCommerce Project Playbook

So, your company has decided to start selling products online and you’re in charge of devising the eCommerce project plan. Where should you start? What type of platform will work best? Who should your development team be?

Post B2B Marketplace: Example Use Case Association of HVAC Equipment Manufacturers

For this fictitious example of a real Ultra client, our Marketplace Operator is an Association of HVAC Equipment Manufacturers.

Post Enhanced Quotes Management for B2B

We understand the importance of digitizing the B2B purchasing experience - enhanced quote management integrated into the Ultra Commerce core. Make B2B purchasing from you frictionless.

Post ShipStation Integration: Order Fulfillment Made Seamless with Ultra Commerce

Set up all your carriers and control all order fulfillments from one location - shipping integrations out-of-the-box for most major carriers - a robust solution for larger enterprises.

Post B2B Marketplace: Adding Value, Multiplying Revenue Possibilities with Commerce-as-a-Service

Marketplace solutions are typically complex, singularly focused, and therefore dependent on additional core “enterprise level” software components and expensive in both license cost and services.  Complexity, dependency and cost has taken many out of the buying market for a marketplace solutions.

Post Is it Time to Switch eCommerce Platforms? It May be Easier Than You Think

Where are you? Challenged with your existing eCommerce platform that’s slowing down your growth or doesn’t deliver what your business needs to grow?