Headless Commerce for Contentful

App and Starter Kit for Contentful

Build a modern storefront powered by Ultra Commerce and Contentful. The starter kit will get your storefront up and running quickly and is set up to be easily themed with your design and branding.

eCommerce Storefront for Contentful

What it is:

The Ultra Commerce for Contentful starter kit includes a complete set of React templates that allows developers to quickly launch a storefront. The easy-to-customize templates include the entire eCommerce lifecycle, from shopping and search through checkout and account areas.

Complete Storefront

From homepage to product search, shopping cart, checkout, and account areas – the storefront starter kit includes everything you need for a complete storefront. More challenging setups like product search and filtering are also included.

We’ve even built out example usages with Contentful content – banner sliders, merchandised pages, and content components (including a blog).

Fast Contentful Integration

You’re up and running in minutes. Install the app, configure the connection and that’s it. The seamless integration ensures that Contentful and Ultra Commerce are connected seamlessly. The Ultra Commerce app works within the Contentful account so marketing and merchandising teams can stay in Contentful and manage the store product selection from a single account.

Built to Customize

The storefront starter kit is built on top of the Ultra Commerce SDK, so developers and technical teams have access to all the functionality in Ultra.

Easily Themed

The storefront starter kit has a lightweight design and style and can be easily themed and updated to match your brand.

High Performing & SEO Friendly

Page speed? Blazing.

Storefront Kit - Setup

Want to learn more about connecting Contentful and Ultra Commerce? Follow our getting started guide to quickly connect your Contentful workspace with Ultra Commerce. Need help or have questions? Contact us.

See It In Action

The Ultra Commerce + Contentful storefront is built on top of a complete set of React Starter templates that development teams can use: https://contentful-storefront.ultracommerce-dev.co


Resources & Downloads

Ultra Commerce API

Ultra Commerce SDK