Ultra Update: October Platform Releases

We are always striving to improve the Ultra Commerce platform. This month we’re thrilled to announce many exciting enhancements covering updates to the core platform as well as the storefront starter kits.

Let’s dive in a little deeper to see what’s new!


New Core Integrations

New integrations in the core platform are now available for 1-click activation:

  • Xero
  • Kount
  • Active Campaign
  • Door Dash

Storefront Starter Kit

Product Kits, Search & Multi-language

Enhancements to the storefront starter kit bring more advanced functionality out of the box. Spend less time developing headless commerce solutions and focus more on building customer experiences that meet your customers’ expectations.

  • Product Keyword Search Type-Ahead
    Enhanced version of the product keyword and search field built into all product listing pages or the site header. Allow customers to get to their search results faster.
  • Product Kits and Bundles
    Dynamic product configurations, custom kits or build-your-own product options are now built into the product detail pages for the “Product Bundle” product type. Support multi-choice and multi-option product bundles along with the custom pricing configuration available in the backend.
  • Language Selector
    For stores configured with multiple language options, allows user to select from preferred language. Storefront will display all content, including product, in selected language, if available.

Content Management

Layouts, Components & Themes

Easily apply brand themes and style to your customized content pages with page layout builder.

  • Store Themes
    Build a library of colors, fonts, and styles assigned to a theme to be deployed across your storefronts to quickly style and make the starter kit your own. Helpful for anyone who is looking for quick style changes on a layout or running a network of storefronts and wants to customize without writing code
  • Components
    Create content components and assemble unique content pieces into dynamic pages. Component editing makes building image sliders, banners, promotional content and other web elements easier.



Validate the data coming into Ultra Commerce with workflows without writing code.

Create and configure validation rules through workflow and define how they’re applied throughout your commerce application or storefronts. Ensure data is consistent and save time when building. Ensure a specific field is required during the account creation process or check the formatting on a phone number or email address field.


Views & Experience

Enhancements to the user experience and management of marketplace for vendors.

  • Fulfillment Priority
    Control how vendor order assignment is handled across the marketplace. Define fulfillment priority based on closest distance to customer, shipment cost or inventory availability. For example, select the vendor with the lowest price or most quantity available.
  • Manual Order Splitting with Approval
    Empower the customer service and fulfillment team with the option to force items to be routed to specific vendors or locations. Once the order shipment is assigned, vendor has approval or rejection capabilities
  • Vendor View
    New user interface that allows vendors managers to quickly access and update brand
  • Vendor Shipments
    Automatically break order fulfillments/shipments into separate fulfillment by product vendor. Dynamically eliminate any manual entry or backoffice vendor order routing.


Custom Entities & Data Objects

What happens when you need to extend the platform data set or require a new object be added to the database? In most cases, developers have to look outside the eCommerce platform. Now, the technical team can create and interact with unique objects that they might need for their implementation. No need to go into the data set or implement another system for connection.

  • Unique Data Objects
    Just like a product or account, each new entity can be extended with new fields and connected to other objects. Add new attributes and extend the data sets with as many fields as required
  • Fully Integrated
    Any custom data sets are available in collections for display, reporting and search
  • API Accessible
    Any new custom entity/data objects and their fields are available through the API. Easily import existing data into the new records.

Product Management & Catalog

Add Ons

How do you sell a product warranty without the product? Creating products that aren’t intended to be sold on their own can be challenging – new add-ons allow specific product types to be linked with a parent product and sold together.

  • Customer Experience
    Flexible to define the user experience for each add-on product and how it’s sold and displayed to the customer. Perfect for selling warranties and product service contacts
  • Pricing
    Set specific add-on pricing and merchandising. Each add-on product is set up as its own product with full content options, image support and pricing
  • Managed By Product
    Select the add-on products by SKU across the catalog

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