Product Data Cleansing: Collecting, Standardizing & Categorizing for Improved CX, Freed Resources

From the Ultra Commerce Marketing Team,

You probably have heard the phrase ‘product data cleansing’ in the past but may not know exactly what it means or why it is important for your organization to consider.

The fact is as your business expands, and increases the number and variety of channels it displays its products through, you will need an automated and standardized process to filter all your different product data through. This leads to a cohesive experience for the end user and less manual lift on your end internally.

Product data cleansing is critical for organizations with large and/or complex catalogs. Implementing a fully automated process allows you and your team to focus on growing your business. Product data cleansing takes your catalog and …

  • Standardizes it
  • Categorizes it
  • Splits it into variants from multiple suppliers/sources of data

Accomplishing this reduces the manual time it takes cleansing product data, so you can focus on expanding your product catalogs, freeing up bandwidth for team members while at the same time enhancing product information. It will also result in:

  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Bottom line growth for your organization

PIM to a single source of product ‘truth’

All of your organization’s product data, no matter its channel, source or inherent complexity or size, should come from a single, central source of truth. The right end-to-end PIM solution takes this into account, and provides the data cleansing necessary to make this a reality.

We want to learn more about your challenges around product data cleansing. Let’s chat. Drop us a line.

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