Headless Commerce for Contentful

Getting Started with Ultra Commerce for Contentful

Ready to connect Ultra Commerce with Contentful and create better, faster and more feature rich storefronts?

Ready to connect Ultra Commerce with Contentful?

Create better, faster and more feature rich storefronts


Headless Commerce for Contentful

Ultra Commerce for Contentful allows content editors to assign collections of products to Contentful content entries. All the products data is live and is pulled directly from their Ultra Commerce accounts.

Product collections can be previewed, filtered and selected from across the entire Ultra Commerce database or from selected sites. Merchandisers and marketing teams have access to create dynamic content elements featuring live product data across their storefronts.


  • You must have an Ultra Commerce account for this app.
  • A “short text” field

Ultra Commerce Configuration

  • Log into your Ultra Commerce storefront account
  • Go to “Settings” > “Global Advanced Settings” and find the setting for “Allowed CORS Domain List” Include this value into the CORS Domain List: ^http(s?):\/\/(.*\.)?ctfcloud\.net
  • Note: This is a security setup step that will allow communication between Contentful to your Ultra Commerce server

Contentful Configuration

  • Select Appearance > Ultra Commerce
  • Create content model / type and add necessary fields
  • Create Ultra Products field
  • Create Slug field of type short text
  • Create Products field of type short text list
  • Add new field, check off list, select Ultra
  • Now you will see a new products field is to allow you to have associate Ultra Commerce products

Product Selector Setup

The product selector will allow you to assign a collection of products directly to a piece of content. Example uses include product galleries, carousels, blog posts, product listing pages or other specific use cases.

Product Selector Assignment

Now that you have created setup the Ultra Commerce product selector, create a new Contentful page in your workspace. You will see a new option to Select products from Ultra Commerce:

This will open a dialog prompt giving you a full listing page of all products from Ultra Commerce application. Here you have the ability to drill down your product search by category, product type and brand.

View Assigned Products

Once your new Contentful page or content object is published, you will see a list of all assigned Ultra Commerce products to that page.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have successfully installed the Ultra Commerce app into your Contentful workspace, you can see how easy it is to create content pages and assign products to pages. Want to learn how to launch with Ultra Commerce + Contentful?