Ultra Update: January Platform Releases

Welcome to the latest releases of Ultra Commerce!

With the new year, come new features and enhancements for the Ultra platform. We can’t wait to show you what’s new, so let’s dive right in.


New Core Integrations

New integrations added to the core platform for 1-click activation.

  • Braintree Payments
  • Till Payments
  • Reviews.io


Email Templates Engine

We’ve completely reworked and redesigned our email template engine for more flexibility and support for complex data. For most uses, the standard transaction email templates work just fine – whether a company is using Ultra Commerce to deliver the message or pushing to a 3rd party provider using workflow. However, there are plenty of examples that require more than the basics and more custom designs.

The structure includes the ability to add logic, loop through lists and apply design and style within an easy-to-use edit screen.

The updates to the email template engine give more access to technical and marketing teams to directly add, edit and manage email templates in the Ultra Commerce administration environment. More control, faster edits and rapid turnaround make for a better email experience for the end customer.


Security & Data

Workflow is a key component of the built-in Telligence data and analytics suite within Ultra Commerce. Enabling both development and technology teams to act quickly (send emails, run exports, sync data and more) based on real-time eCommerce data. By leveraging Workflow, technology teams are able to build faster without writing any code or delivering more configuration control to the business team.

  • Complex Data Support
    Launch even faster with no custom development required: the new template engine allows for streamlined data payloads. With the new configuration setup, developers and business teams can design data layouts that improve the scope and size of the data being included.
  • oAuth Support
    Now, even easier to connect with and push data to remote systems. Build secure connections and integrations to remote services with direct oAuth support.

Storefront Starter Kit

One-Click Checkout

We’re continuing to make the storefront starter kits more and more complete with each release. The latest update, One-Click Checkout, brings together commerce data and ease of use on the front end for the customer for rapid checkout.

A new “Buy Now” button added to the product detail template brings the shopping directly into the checkout process. Prepopulated with preferred shipping, address, and payment information from the customer account means customers can complete their order in one click.

The “Buy Now” option is a configurable option for each product across the catalog.


Content Management

Form Builder

Secure File Uploads
Creating web forms that support uploading identification, product certificates, technical specifications or any other type of document is a pain for any business especially when it comes to mitigating any security challenges related to it.

The latest update to the custom form builder in Ultra Commerce now includes direct support for a new “File Upload” type with built-in security and multiple file upload options.

Developer Tools


Our new JSON edit view makes the experience of creating, editing, and managing any JSON data throughout the administration in Ultra Commerce more user-friendly. Any user, technical or otherwise, has the option to choose which editing format they want to use when updating.

JSON structures are utilized for creating import mappings, validation, and in many other spots throughout the Ultra Commerce administration.

Resource Center

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