Alphagary: Highly Specialized Manufacturer Requires Robust Product Solution

Alphagary launches a new storefront with a more direct path for customers to find products.

Learn how Alphagary improved their product dataset and search capabilities to fix their customer site experience for a complex path to the highly specific, nuanced products they need.

The [Ultra] team is fantastic and made this process as easy as it could be. I’m grateful to be headed into the Christmas holiday at ease … and to have a chance to breathe before we come back with vigor in 2022 to finish the job.

Denise Wallace, Marketing Manager, Alphagary


Manufacturer of specialty compounds for a wide range of applications

Since 1981, Alphagary has manufactured specialty compounds, formulated from a variety of polymers, that are purpose-designed for a wide range of applications.

Alphagary also formulates stabilizers, plasticizers and colorants designed for use in vinyl compounds. Alphagary is headquartered in Lemonister, Massachusetts and has manufacturing facilities around the world.

The Challenges:

Broad & Deep Product Data
Extensive and unique attributes across multiple product types, including multiple values for single attributes. Highly unique and extensive product, fringe to their industry, requiring a platform that can address such complexity.

Locked in with Bad Tech
Previous negative eCommerce experience with technology partners who did not apply a ‘team-based’ approach. Hosting deadline coming up fast, requiring a robust solution that can be deployed quickly.

Large, Complex Product Catalog
Cluttered, confusing path for customers to find the products they’re looking for. Product finder that omitted popular user personas.

Lack of Flexibility
Fixed content templates, lacking the variety in content display needed for each component. Limited ability to manage content and data.

The Solution:

  • Added clear navigation paths to browse and discover products through Markets, Materials, or Brand (product line)
  • Updated content management system with the ability to add child content types to a basic content page, creating limitless layout options for Alphagary’s heavy content needs
  • Worked with Alphagary to refine their scope and provide biggest “bang for their buck” in what items were most valuable for launch – launch was smooth and on time
  • Managed project using a true team-based approach, with regular team meetings, working sessions, updates and training
  • Created a user friendly Product sheet for Client with specific Attribute population, as well as enhanced capabilities to accommodate more than one value where necessary within Ultra Commerce.

The Results:

Revamped commerce storefront with the ability to add a variety of content types and configurations with a clear customer path to browse and search products by product line.

We’re live with the new Alphagary website in record time (~4 months if you can believe it!) and without a glitch. The handover was seamless and the teamwork was, and continues to be, amazing. I can honestly say that in all my years of working on projects / with agencies I’ve never experienced such a cohesive team who just quietly did what they said they were going to do, and who are absolutely competent at doing it!

Denise Wallace, Marketing Manager, Alphagary

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