Is it Time to Switch eCommerce Platforms? It May be Easier Than You Think

Where are you?

Challenged with your existing eCommerce platform that’s slowing down your growth or doesn’t deliver what your business needs to grow?

If you’re ready to move to a new eCommerce platform, but scared of the cost, time and technical hurdles to get there – worry not because it may not be as complex or time and resource-intensive as you may have thought.

Ready to move?
What are you worried about?

Key Challenges & Risks to Migrations

From data migrations and interruptions in daily activities to the technical challenges of launching a new storefront – what are the key challenges that can make an eCommerce platform migration challenging?

Business Processes…
Is this going to interrupt my business?

Business is already busy enough, but throw a new eCommerce platform into the mix? You’re looking at technical challenges, potential downtime and the distraction of your entire team.

What the right eCommerce platform does better…
  • Ready to integrate and connect to the rest of your business and backoffice.
  • Built-in integration services – you activate and configure – it’s that easy.
  • Dedicated customer support team enables your team to connect and 

SEO & Website Traffic…
Aren’t my rankings going to drop?

Your team has worked hard to build organic search traffic and high rankings, and now you’re afraid of jeopardizing those results.  

What the right eCommerce platform does better…
  • Replace Only Commerce – keep the front end and content management system and replace the commerce – the existing site ranking strategy remains exactly the same.
  • Optimizing is built into the core – products, categories and other pages for search engine ranking is out of the box – you decide how your pages display.
  • Build for speed – with freedom to build on the front end, you leverage eCommerce platform functionality for improved performance and page speed optimization that Google is looking for.

Connect to the rest of my business…
Isn’t it going to be a pain to connect to the rest of my business?

You spent a lot of time and investment making your existing eCommerce platform work with the rest of your business – accounting, inventory, warehouse, shipping & fulfillment and other systems – you don’t have to be afraid of connecting to the eCommerce platform perfect for your organization’s growth.

What the right eCommerce platform does better…
  • Platform built to integrate – your technology and developer team have complete access to the system. Digital commerce is delivered as a software-as-a-service platform so there’s nothing to download, setup or configure. 
  • Use technology you know – Developers use the technology stack that they’re already comfortable with and start building. 

Moving means I’m going to lose so much history…
What happens with all my data?

Your data is valuable – customer accounts, order history and product information – the idea of losing any piece of that in an eCommerce migration isn’t an option.

What the right eCommerce platform does better…
  • Data Migration Tools make the migration process easier. Connect your new eCommerce platform to your existing eCommerce platform and the sync process takes over. 
  • Customize without writing code – handle the unique requirements of your business and catalog without writing code. With the right platform – you have all the self-service tools necessary to mange, export and import the data you need.

A lot of what I use works just fine… Do I need to use the entire platform?

You’re looking at replacing your commerce platform, but you probably have other services that are working just fine? So, replace them too? Nah, with our modular approach, use the commerce features and services you need with flexibility to extend and integrate more later. 

What the right eCommerce platform does better…
  • Modular Commerce means that you can keep the tools that are already working – content management, shipping and more, and connect them to Ultra Commerce using our flexible integration framework.
  • Complete platform – from product catalog management through order fulfillment and inventory management, choose the solution that’s built to give you an entire suite of commerce tools

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